Matthew Barre readily admits he’s tried almost every gym in Grande Prairie, and always felt like there was something missing.  When a friend who was already a member of Winston’s Health and Fitness told Matthew how much he liked it, he decided to give it a try and see if it would fit what he was looking for.  It’s been three months and Matthew hasn’t looked back.

“Winston’s is a place where I feel like I’m treated like a person, not just another member who’s giving the gym their money,” says Matthew.  “You go in, he knows everyone, and he’ll always say hi.  It makes you feel like a person who’s valued and not just a number.”  Matthew says he’s been to other gyms where he got the vibe that the owners and workers just didn’t care.  He was tired of feeling like he was handing over his money, going and working out, and that was it.  “I’m constantly blown away by how much Winston will help you.  There’s even times he’s been with a client, but has still taken the time to help me out or give me a tip,” says Matthew.

Matthew, now 33, has been going to gyms since he was 16.  He was looking for a place that would renew his passion for working out and motivate him.  He credits Winston’s with having the ideal gym atmosphere to do so, and says that Winston himself just adds to the appeal.  “The difference is that Winston cares, he’s able to fire you up and get you ready to go.  It’s just a great gym with an owner that really cares.”