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A wheelchair was in her future, Winston’s changed that

“When I started at Winston’s Health and Fitness 12 years ago, I was headed for a wheelchair.” Linda Badger speaks passionately about the difference Winston’s has made in her life, after all, she credits him and his gym with turning things around for her when she was otherwise wheelchair bound. Linda’s story is an inspiring one, and one that she says wouldn’t have happened without Winston’s Health and Fitness.

“I had spent the majority of my life in pain from a bad back, and everything I had heard about Winston’s was really complimentary, so I went and asked if he could keep me out of a wheelchair. Honestly, I would have been satisfied with that, but now, I have virtually no pain. A good five days a week are spent pain free,” says Linda. “When I joined, my body was saying enough is enough, and if I had picked someone else who didn’t give a damn, I’d be in a wheelchair, but Winston plugs away until he gets it right. His knowledge of the human body is amazing, he knows exactly what to do to make something better.” Linda credits the drastic turn around to two things: her own persistence, and Winston’s encouragement. Linda is adamant that there were days she was almost in tears she was hurting so bad, but Winston’s encouragement never faltered, and coupled with her own determination, it was enough to keep her going.

Avoiding being wheelchair bound is obviously a huge feat, but Linda has even more success stories when it comes to her time at Winston’s. “When I started I weighed 172 pounds, now I weigh in at 140 pounds, and it’s all muscle,” says Linda. She’s adamant that she wasn’t trying to lose the weight, but her time at Winston’s translated into an entire lifestyle change.

Linda also speaks passionately about the atmosphere at Winston’s, “if you need help of any kind, Winston will give you a hand, but there’s also members there that are willing to assist you. For example, I have one exercise in particular that I have to have help to do, I can’t do it by myself, and at one point or another almost all of the regulars have helped me with it.”

If Linda had to choose one thing that sets Winston’s apart from other gyms in the area, she doesn’t hesitate to focus on Winston himself, using the age-old saying that he’s the greatest thing since sliced bread.

The “battle tested” approach, tailored to you

Have you given much thought to what you might want out of your gym? What type of atmosphere you could excel in? Who you’d benefit seeking advice from? Craig Eustace, a member of Winston’s Health and Fitness for two years, describes the gym as a place that’s “very low key with the attitude. You can go in and do your thing without being picked apart or judged, it’s very comfortable, and better than anywhere else in Grande Prairie.”

When it comes to Winston himself, Craig gives credit where it’s due. “He’s always there, and is super approachable, he’s open about everything,” says Craig. “He knows the body and how to make it grow, make it lose fat, whatever your goal is.” Craig is quick to place importance on Winston’s first hand experience and how valuable his first hand knowledge is. “There’s something to be said about Winston’s real life experience. For example, I play golf, and I’d never take a lesson from someone that I could beat. Winston’s knowledge and experience can’t be beat.”

Craig joined Winston’s with the goal of losing weight and becoming stronger. Over his two years as a member, Craig has lost an impressive 29 pounds, and credits Winston’s approach as playing a big role in that success. “Winston is able to offer nutrition advice based on experience. It’s not just about calorie counting because he focuses on quality food and is able to offer tips, like how to get your metabolism going,” says Craig.

If you’re looking for an approach that Craig calls “battle tested” look no further than Winston’s Health and Fitness. “Winston understands that not everyone is the same. He looks at you as an individual, at your body type, and then tailors something for you. It’s not a generic, run of the mill thing,” says Craig.