Grande Prairie Weight-loss Success Stories

Almost everyone who has tried to lose weight has discovered it is often portrayed it as a very complex process. There are thousands of articles, websites, courses, videos, and books dedicated to telling people how to lose weight; and each of these resources has its own formula. The sheer amount of information out there shows us that weight loss is a real concern for millions of people worldwide. Closer to home we see in Grande Prairie that gyms, weight loss clinics, and stores specializing in nutrition geared toward weight loss are in large supply – losing weight, and keeping it off, is on many people’s minds.

The weight loss formula, how simple is it?

The fact of the matter is that, when you boil it down, losing weight isn’t all that complicated. In principle, if you put in less calories than you burn, your body will take some of the stored-up energy (hopefully fat) and use it. If it were only that simple. There are actually a lot stumbling blocks in this approach. First, how many calories do we actually use? While resting? Exercising? Working?. Second, our body has needs in addition to calories that have to be taken into consideration, even when the main goal is weight loss. How about protein? What if the body breaks down muscle instead of fat? Where do we get the necessary fibres and other necessary nutritional building blocks?
Once we start digging into these numbers we start to see that, unless you enjoy walking around with a notepad and calculator, this approach to weight loss is a tough one to follow unless you’re a professional trained to design diets and exercise plans.

The role of the gym.

professional fitness trainer grande prairieSo how does a professional approach weight loss? The first step is to find out what your goals are. Why do you want to lose weight? Where do you see yourself in the future as far as your health, fitness-level, and weight are concerned? A professional will determine how many calories you burn resting, and how many exercising; and will combine this information with your nutritional needs to build the right diet and the right exercise program. If the professional is doing his or her job right, you won’t need to count calories. The professional trainer and/or nutritionist will have practical strategies for changing your lifestyle – including your eating habits – for the better.

This is where the gym is really important. A gym is a great place to increase the amount of energy you burn. Moreover, this can be in a number of ways. One is through aerobic exercise such as high-intensity activities on the bike, treadmill, or by other means. Therefore, this is a great way to increase the body’s metabolism (how it processes energy). Another benefit of the gym is that you can focus on building muscle and muscle tissue burns calories even when at rest – the more muscle you have, the more calories you will burn even when you’re not doing anything.

Slow and steady wins the race.

But the gym plays another role in weight loss that is often overlooked. Moreover, starting a weight loss program is often not the hardest part of losing weight. Usually, the hardest part is when that initial burst of enthusiasm wears off and temptation sets in to go back to old habits and break the rules. Our experience from our Grande Prairie gym is that it connects people to their goals and motivates them to continue, and when they experience a setback it encourages them and helps them get back on track. If you want to succeed in your weight loss goals, you need someone who will encourage you when the going gets tough – someone who will remind you of your goals and how they’re worth it.

A professional knows it’s not easy to integrate lifestyle changes into our modern, hectic daily schedules. He or she can give valuable tips and tricks on making it happen.

Success Stories

Stories like: Nuts & bolts and a blown kneeHelping people with weight loss is one of the jobs of a good gym – it is there to help people break through all the noise and information being thrown at them (as well as all the sham weight loss products out there that are only aimed at getting your money). Here at Winston’s gym, we have helped a lot of Grande Prairie clients lose weight and, what is perhaps more important, make the lifestyle changes they need to keep the weight off. We have had people who had tried different diets and programs that had ultimately failed to help them. We’ve had clients who had health problems and who needed solutions that would help them lose weight while taking their health into account.
The common thread that connects all these success stories from the years has been that weight loss has become an attainable goal for them. A goal that brings them motivation and helps them stick to the program.
Weight loss is a challenge common to many people. It’s an important aspect of many people’s health and well-being.

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