One on one Personal Training.

Whatever your fitness goals are,  Winston will guide you on the path to attain them. With decades of experience, our Personal Training team will be able to help you take your fitness up a notch. It’s often one of the hardest things you can do in life, so let us help make your goals attainable. Set the line high, but not too high – you don’t want to burn out.

personal training


What are your Personal Training goals?

Do you want to:

  • Get yourself fit and looking ripped?
  • Improve heart and lung function and reduce the risk of heart disease?
  • Learn how to tone and shape key muscle groups?
  • Maximize calorie burn during and after your workout?
  • Learn better techniques for better results?
  • Improve posture, core strength and stability or lose weight?
  • Build self-confidence, strength and power?
  • Keep motivated and keep making progress toward your goals?

Then stop wanting and start doing.


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