Is personal Training Available?

Of course! And it makes a big difference (especially if you haven’t been on a customized health program before).

Some trainers are just about motivation. They yell and they push you. This can be helpful. But Winston and the other trainers are here for more than that: they are here to help you improve your quality of life. And their plan to accomplish that will be as unique as you are. If you haven’t had a trainer before, we’d be happy to give you a consultation absolutely free! We think you’ll like it.

Is nutritional counseling available?

Absolutely! Proper exercise is only part of good health. You’ll never get the results you want without eating the right foods. But healthy eating habits should never be boring or depressing. We’d be happy to sit with you and create a custom plan that will help you reach your personal health goals (and that won’t turn you into an half-starved basket-case in the process).

Is Winston’s just a normal Gym?

Glad you asked! Consider these details and decide for yourself.

First off, the facility is pretty awesome. We have 5,000 square-feet of health-creating magic-machines. This includes free-weights, machine-weights, and cardio-equipment. There is also plenty of floor-space to pull out a mat and do body-weight exercises. Big enough to meet all needs. Small enough to feel like home.

Then there is our our pro-shop. It is full of wonderful things like work-out gear, food supplements, custom Winston’s wearables, and energy products.

Best of all, there are the people – both staff and members. If you are the kind of person who enjoys working out independently, you’ll have that freedom. If you prefer the banter and encouragement of friends, we have that too – lots of it. Whatever your preference, you’ll find a laid-back environment that helps produce serious results.

And, of course, we have Winston. He is computer-challenged and laughs loudly. But he cares deeply about his members. And his results speak for themselves (literally – feel free to ask anyone at the gym!).