Winston’s Health and Fitness appeals to different people for different reasons.  Karen wanted a smaller, more unique experience, but didn’t want to miss out on a choice of equipment.  “I was looking for more equipment, but not such a packed gym,” says Karen.  This is a balance that’s often hard to find — bigger gyms can often offer a better choice of equipment, but tend to be crowded, while smaller gyms that might not be as busy typically aren’t able to offer a wide variety of equipment. Winston’s, however, delivered exactly what Karen was looking for: the feel of a smaller gym, with tons of choices.

Winston’s Health and Fitness also has something that other gyms don’t — Winston.  Karen says Winston is the number one reason she keeps going back.  “Winston is always there if you have questions, he doesn’t mind helping you out, and he’s always friendly,” she says.  A relatively new member of only three months, Karen is adamant that Winston is the biggest draw.

When asked what the biggest change she’s noticed in her three months as a member at Winston’s, Karen says she’s noticed a higher level of commitment from herself, and that she now constantly keeps to her schedule.  The main reason why?  Having a gym that has met and exceeded her needs and wants.