Bernice Ouellette describes herself as a new convert of Winston’s Health & Fitness having only joined mid-October, but that hasn’t stopped her from singing Winston’s praises.

Ouellette says she drove by a million times and having seen the gym for the past 20 years admits she knew of Winston’s great reputation.  It was one day, however, that Ouellette thought to herself, “something’s gotta give” and decided to walk through the door and take a look for herself.  Ouellette says, “I thought I may as well go with the guy with the best reputation.”

Ouellette describes herself as a fairly determined person, but admits determination only goes so far.  That’s where she believes Winston’s makes the difference.  “You start recognizing faces and you get to know people really quickly, which means you have a support system.  You can see people in approximately the same shape as you, doing the same things, and you almost become workout buddies.”  Winston also plays a huge part in the support system Ouellette describes at the gym, “he’s always there, always willing to come over and correct you, provide guidance, and up the reps — whether you like it or not.”

When asked to pick the top aspect of Winston’s that keeps her going back, she says it’s the comfort level.  “I feel like I fit in.  Yes, there are serious weightlifters in there, yet every one of them is polite and explain what they’re doing if you ask.  When I walk through the door, they’ll say ‘You’re back again! Good for you!’ You really don’t get that anywhere else.”

For those who haven’t had a Winston’s experience yet, Ouellette says it’s a matter of walking through the door to find out what it’s all about, “it’s hard to explain because everyone has their impression of what a gym should be.  We’ve all had that experience of waiting for machines, people playing on their phones while working out, but Winston’s isn’t that.”

Ouellette promised herself that she would reevaluate her weight and body measurements at the end of the year, but she already knows she’s getting results.  “I already know I’m quite a bit smaller because I wear different sized clothes.  I went from doing nothing to going everyday and it has definitely changed the way I feel.”